Storing spare parts with a modern solution

Taking care of my bike takes a lot of free time of my life. And as you know, bicycles are highly important for me.

Therefore I am always thinking about new solutions that would allow me to do this work better.

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Rio 2016: Countdown to the Big Party

Rio will host the 2016 Olympic Games and will be the first South American city to do so and, boy, what a party it is expected to be.

With just over a year to go preparations are well and truly in place and this Olympic is going to be the biggest yet.

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How to Take Care of Your Bicycle

The last thing that you need when you are out cycling is for your bike to break down on you, which is why you must ensure that you keep it in tip top condition.


Poor care will not only put you at risk of breaking down, but will also make you work twice as hard when cycling.

To keep your bike in the best shape, take a look at our top tips on caring for bicycles.

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